Eco Hotel

Luxor & Cairo The Beach Resort, renowned 4 star eco hotel, has a strong Ecological trend and is as much as possible helped by solar energy. Our goal is dedicated to preserving the ambient surroundings.
The principal guide lines to which we make reference are:

-Reduction of harmful emissions in the atmosphere

-More technological efficient establishments

-Respect for Nature

-Best management of the resources

The strategies used to reach our objective are:

-installation of solar panels, within a few years a new system of Photovoltaic panels.

-Saving energy by using Led light bulbs and an illumination system with timers and twilight sensors.

-Saving water consummation by using a water flow regulator.

Luxor & Cairo The Beach Resort is fitted with a Furnace which uses steam enabling the whole structure to be highly efficient and less damaging to the surroundings.

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